Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson admitted to domestic violence -- both emotional and physical -- against his partner and mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorieva.

Radaronline.com released audio tapes that confirm Mel's emotional abuse of Oksana and his violence against her. In the transcripts Mel embodies many battering characteristics that we see at Sojourn, daily.

One portion of the tape highlighted a part of DV that is rarely talked about in news stroies regarding domestic violence.
The tape depicts Mel blaming Oksana for his violent behavior. As reported by Radaronline, Mel says:

You don't have any f*cking friends except me, and you treat me like shi*! So
that's why I'm so fucking angry...

Mel turns the tables on Oksana and blames her for his aggressive and violent behavior. This is a typical tactic of batterers. However, battering is never the fault of the victim. This tactic allows batterers to maintain control of a situation in which they are obviously in the wrong. Batterers are able to make themselves feel justified in their violence and emotional manipulation.

Moreover, this tactic can convince the traumatized partner that she can fix the problem that initiated the violence.

Batterers can not be "changed" by the partners they batter. The myth that women incite violence against them by any particular act is entirely unfounded and simply serves as a tool to continue abusive partnerships.

The cycle of DV is incredibly evident in this case and we, at Sojourn, hope Oksana stays safe and Mel Gibson's case is taken seriously and justice is served.

image via radaronline.com

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