We Love To Blog!

At Sojourn, there is a ton ton ton of work to do, all-day-every-day-maybe-even-nights.

Our staff works tirelessly (go them! we love them!) and rarely get a chance to really get to the BLOGGING. Blogging is so fun and I am sad that my fellow Sojourn friends cannot blog with me all the time but for now it will be me! Posting! As much as my little volunteer heart can muster!

I just wanted to introduce myself before the stream of blogging begins. I am the SOJOURN BLOGGER -- Sierra -- and I will be relaying priceless insights from the staff at Sojourn to you (the amazing reader) regarding any and all current events.

We all hope you will check out our blog ALL THE TIME and if you have any amazing suggestions on what we should talk about, please post them in the comments section!

Thank you and now, without further ado, SOJOURN TAKES A STAND.

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